Product Designer & Manager

An ad-supported music platform

The Brief

MonkingMe was a tokenized music streaming platform (iOS, Android, Web) designed to multiply the industry's monetization opportunities. Users can download free music while artists are paid thanks to a virtual currency inside the platform.

The Process

Main roles

  • Co-Founder

  • iOS, Android and web product design

  • Product manager of all the development teams

Other roles

  • ASO manager

  • Product Marketing

  • Monetizing manager

  • Business development


  • +6 million people have downloaded the iOS and Android app.

  • +5 million songs uploaded.

  • +300.000 monthly active users

  • +100 agreements with record labels and music distributors.

  • First music streaming app in the world that reward users with a cryptocurrency.

  • Featured in the top 3 apps in the Appstore

  • Best Spanish App in 2019 by TheAwards

My role description

As a co-founder, my participation in the company has been in many areas, although my main role was Product Designer and Product manager.

Having designed the web, iOS, and Android app from the ground up, my knowledge of the different UXs for each has given me a unique experience that allows me to apply it to any project I'm working on.

In addition to design the whole platform, I led the 3 development teams for each platform, working together with the developers building solutions and experiences for the users and clients of the company. I work with Scrum/Agile frameworks.

The product has also varied a lot, adjusting to the needs of customers over the years. Functionalities such as the gamification of the platform with an in-app currency were added, as strategies to increase the monetization of music consumption without affecting the user experience.

Also, I worked with external teams around the world implementing their solutions into our product.

Platform Features


  • Download music with tokens

  • Get tokens with advertisements and daily quests

  • Search and play music

  • Create and manage your playlists

  • Artists subscriptions


  • Dashboard for artists

  • Consumption stats

  • Billing management

  • Promotion tools

The Results

All experiences:

  • Create, mantain and improve the design system for the Android, iOS, and website.

  • Oversaw all aspects of design and development, and offered design solutions.

  • Led all the stages of product development lifecycle, from research, prototype and testing, to launch and analize.

  • Led teams of designers, marketers, and developers in reaching product goals.

  • Designed a dashboard (B2B) for clients, record labels and musics to see their analytics and manage their billing and payout settings.

  • Established and monitored timelines in association with product launch.

  • Conduct UX research for the product for every feature.

  • Tested product usability with the UX research team.

  • Worked to improve existing products based on customer evaluations and needs.

  • Led the product team to achieve the necessary OKRs/KPIs.

  • Managed and supported business risk and worked to develop and implement strategic solutions.

  • Assisted in the creation of graphic materials for the use of the marketing department.

  • Identified and maximized sales opportunities, and increased customer retention rates.

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© 2022 Raul Martinez Design

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© 2022 Raul Martinez Design

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© 2022 Raul Martinez Design

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