Product Lead

A music-based community platform.

The Brief

OffBeat is the home of music lovers, the place where fans come together to share, connect and be themselves. Because music is part of everyone's identity, we've created a Music ID that showcases the uniqueness of every fan, credits their fandom, and lets them find them other music lovers.

The Process

Main roles

  • Product Designer

  • Product Manager

  • Web developer (no-code tools)

I was in charge of designing the iOS App, managing the development team, and creating the website with no-code tools.

UX challenges

Create an app that simulates an ID

  • The design architecture must be adaptable to add more types of information

  • Data visualization

  • Create the same ID in a way that can be represented as a squared and interactive NFT

App Features

  • Music ID

    Users can create a profile that defines themselves through music

  • Discover other similar users

    Added features that show to the users top similar users

  • Recommend songs

    Users can recommend songs to their followers. These songs appear in a feed with other recommendations

  • Music stats

    Partnered with Spotify to calculate and show their music consumption stats

  • Music ID as an NFT

    Recently I’ve been working on the product development of the Music ID as an SBT. An SBT, a soulbond Token, is an NFT that can’t be transferred, so it will work as an ID that can collect all your musical consumption.

    The data is automatically updated and stored in IPFS, so it will not be erased in any case.

    You can interact with it here : CHECK IT OUT

The Results

OffBeat has created a new experience with music. People are discovering new songs, artists, and connecting each other thanks to the music identity of each one.

My experience in this job has been:

  • Create, maintain and improve the design system for the iOS, and website.

  • Oversaw all aspects of design and development, and offered design solutions.

  • Develop the landings and other webpages with no-coding tools.

  • Led all the stages of product development lifecycle, from research, prototype and testing, to launch and analize.

  • Conduct UX research for the features.

  • Tested product usability with the UX research team.

  • Worked to improve existing products based on customer evaluations and needs.

  • Integrated tech partner solutions in our product.

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© 2022 Raul Martinez Design

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© 2022 Raul Martinez Design

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© 2022 Raul Martinez Design

Made in Framer